A Review of The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

  I was asked to write a review of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail for a great outdoors website: HikeByFaith.  If you’re familiar with me or my own web site you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of the trail.  In spite of my obvious affections for the trail, I will strive to provide an honest, straightforward […]

An Interview With the Author of ‘The Nephilim’

This week I had the chance to catch up with Dane Cramer, the author of The Nephilim: A Monster Among Us.  However, what makes this article both woefully awkward and incredibly pitiful is that I am actually Dane Cramer.  So, I’ll be playing the part of a notable author as well as a renown correspondent.  Yeah, […]

Hammock Stealth Camping – Failed!

Ever since the spring of this year, I had been dreaming of doing some hammock stealth-camping at a particular spot. The site is located along one of my favorite trails.  I’ve walked past the spot many, many times, and have always loved it.  It is a secluded location.  The trail winds across the breast of two, […]

Why Do We Go to the Woods?

When I first started backpacking, I didn’t have the Internet.  I didn’t have any decent gear.  I didn’t even own a backpack – I borrowed one.  GPS wasn’t available, and, the only fabric I had ever heard of was cotton – which I smothered myself in during all seasons. In spite of these “handicaps,” I backpacked. […]

The Nephilim: A Monster Among Us

  Are the Nephilim with us today? Is there a breed of Creatures that are half-human, half-fallen angel roaming the earth? Is that what this ancient Hebrew word means? When mysterious, unexplained sightings of a Creature begin surfacing in mountainous Lycona, a wandering stranger suggests that the Nephilim are stalking the woods.  He is strangely familiar with the Creature, […]

Local Author Takes On The Nephilim

Local author takes on the Nephilim in new book By AMBER ROSADO Daily American Staff Writer amberr@dailyamerican.com | Posted: Sunday, July 27, 2014 10:02 pm Writing a second book could seem like a monstrous task for some. Somerset native and author Dane Cramer can attest to this fact after having his book “The Nephilim: A Monster Among […]