Season One

S1E1 – Why I Am a Christian (part 1)

S1E2 – Why I am a Christian (part 2)

S1E3 – Sucker Punching My Fifth Grade Teacher

S1E4 – What About the Lost Books of the Bible?

S1E5 – What’s Up With Church Membership?

S1E6 – How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?

S1E7- Reaching Muslims for Jesus

S1E8 – What’s the Difference Between Roman Catholics & Protestants?

S1E9 – Trick or Treating With Marty Luther

S1E10 – Those Medieval Radicals

S1E11 – Can We Know If God Exists?

S1E12 – Where Did God Come From?

S1E13 – Does Same Sex Marriage Prove God’s Existence?

S1E14 – Are We To Turn the Other Cheek?

S1E15 – Was Jesus Mistaken About His Return?

S1E16 – Christmas Myths

s1E17 – For Those Who Hurt at Christmastime

Season Two

S2E1 – Is God Outside of Time?

S2E2 – Why Would God Order the Death of a Witch?

S2E3 – The Essentials – What Must You Believe to Be a Christian?

S2E4 – Is the Bible Reliable?

S2E5 — Could Hitler Have Been Converted on His Deathbed?

S2E6 – What’s Up With the Different Bible Translations?

S2E7 – The Verb “Is”

S2E8 – Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

S2E9 – Is the God of the Old Testament Different From the God of the New Testament?

S2E10 – What Does the Bible Say About UFOs?

S2E11 – On Baptism

S2E12 – Georgetta’s Story

S2E13 – Did the Thief Get Saved In the New or Old Covenant?

S2E14 – What About the Dinosaurs?

S2E15 – God Wants Me to Be Happy, Right?

S2E16- Why Am I Saved?

S2E17 – Does God Speak?

S2E18 – What Is God’s Will for Me?

S2E19 – Should I Go On An International Mission Trip?

S2E20 – Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?

Season Three

S3E1 – What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

S3E2 – Should a Christian Say the Pledge of Allegiance?

S3E3 – More on the Kingdom of God

S3E4 – The Origin of Satan

S3E5 – Can a Christian Be Baptized Twice?

S3E6 – Would Jesus Drive an SUV?

S3E7 – On Homosexuality

S3E8 – The Hard Words of Jesus

S3E9 – Is Jesus Literally Present in the Eucharist?

S3E10 – The Eucharist & John 6

S3E11 – Special Edition Podcast – The Corona Scare

S3E12 – Is the Coronavirus an Indicator of Christ’s Return?

S3E13 – COVID-19 & The Kingdom of God

S3E14 – Can a Christian Eat Any Kinds of Food?

S3E15 – Deception, Plandemic, Satan, & the Book of Revelation

S3E16 – A Coming Antichrist?