Who Is Dane?

…and what’s a featheredprop?

Back in the mid 90s I began journaling my backpacking trips to share with my friends.  Soon, I was encouraged to design a web page to post them for everyone to see.  That site eventually began drawing traffic.

Later, I added an informational page on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail – a favorite trail of mine.  My site continued to grow as I began adding theological papers and philosophical ramblings.  I eventually learned that some of the theological papers had become required reading in some seminary classes.  That was cool enough to cause me to purchase my own domain and create the WordPress site that you are visiting today.

The most recent update to this web site was the change to a blog-styled appearance.  I try to provide periodic updates that include backpacking/hiking stuff as well as my thoughts on matters of faith, God, and the Bible.  Guests can now enter their email and receive instant notification when updates are posted.

So what’s with the name featheredprop?  The word “featheredprop” is a term used in aviation. A pilot “feathers” a propeller when there is engine trouble. This is done by adjusting the pitch of the propeller blade so that it is turned into the wind. This reduces drag, and prevents the propeller from “windmilling.”

I first picked up the term while reading books from the air war during World War II. It was not uncommon for the multi-engine bombers to return to airbases with one or two propellers “feathered.” Yet, inspite of the massive battle damage these planes and their pilots often managed to bring their crews home.

The term – and its imagery – stuck with me. Often I’ve met men and women who, having suffered painful “damage,” turned a “propeller into the wind” and kept on flying.

The word “featheredprop” became then a great way for me to blend my love of history, fascination with flying, and passion for life, while at the same time giving glory to God who fashioned us to fly in a manner even birds would envy.

Out on the trail my friends call me Sherpa.  That’s because I know the LHHT pretty well and have led a number of hikes on it.  I also like to think it’s because I try to take care of everyone that I meet on the trail and make certain they make it safely back.

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As for me – I’m a backpacker, runner, cyclist, amature filmmaker, a dedicated follower of Jesus, a student of the Bible, and one involved in jail ministry.  I’m also an indie-author who recently published my second book.  I live with my wife in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

I have spoken at conferences, baccalaureate programs, revivals, retreats, many church services, and participated in one broadcasted debate.  If you are in need of a speaker for your event, please contact me!