Understanding Conspiracy Theories

Was COVID-19 designed to kill Republican voters? Did the moon landing actually take place in a movie studio? Was the World War II Holocaust a myth? Was the election stolen from Trump?  Is Bigfoot the result of government genetic testing gone bad?   If you’re a Christian and you love a good conspiracy theory, then this […]

Does the Bible Allow for ‘Adam & Steve?’

A few years ago, I had an online dialogue with Reverend Doctor Johnathan Tallon, who is, according to his website, a New Testament professor at Luther King Center in Manchester in the UK. Dr. Tallon has a Youtube channel and back in 2020 I stumbled on one of his videos called, “Does Genesis rule out […]

Stop Saying, ‘The Lord Told Me…’

Stop saying, “the Lord told me.”   That’s my piece of advice for Christians today.  This is a subject that is sort of an issue that I find particularly annoying, and so I kind of wanted to share just a commentary on it and some of my thoughts.  Take it or leave it. You certainly don’t […]

On Tavner Smith, Marriage, & Divorce

In a recent blog I discussed the situation of Pastor Tavner Smith, he’s a mega church pastor out of Chattanooga, TN, who was recently caught in a compromising position with another man’s wife. Although he initially denied any wrong doing, after a brief sabbatical, he’s returned to the pulpit and confessed to his congregation that […]

Charges of Adultery – Will Pastor Tavner Smith Do What’s Right?

I want to discuss something that’s been in the news a bit lately; something that has really disturbed me, and I just felt that I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it. Hopefully, someone out there will find these thoughts edifying, even though the subject matter of what I want to talk about […]

Is the New Statue at the United Nations the Beast from Revelation?

I’m going to pause in my current blog series to talk about something that’s making news right now, and may be of interest to some of my readers. Apparently, a strange-looking statue has recently been installed at the visitor’s plaza at the UN Headquarters in New York. Based on what I can find, it seems […]

A Christian Perspective on UFOs

Let me begin with a definition of terms. “UFO” began as an abbreviation for the words Unidentified Flying Object. Technically, anything that flies through air or space and is not identified, could be classified as an unidentified flying object. But, in our modern vernacular, the abbreviation is so closely associated with extraterrestrial, or alien life […]