Is ‘The Chosen’ Biblical?

Is the popular show, “The Chosen” a show that you should watch? Is it scriptural? Are there any problems for Christians to be watching this popular television series?    Those are the types of questions that I’d like to address here today.    Back in 2019, I had heard about the television series, “The Chosen,” and decided […]

Understanding Conspiracy Theories

Was COVID-19 designed to kill Republican voters? Did the moon landing actually take place in a movie studio? Was the World War II Holocaust a myth? Was the election stolen from Trump?  Is Bigfoot the result of government genetic testing gone bad?   If you’re a Christian and you love a good conspiracy theory, then this […]

Does the Bible Allow for ‘Adam & Steve?’

A few years ago, I had an online dialogue with Reverend Doctor Johnathan Tallon, who is, according to his website, a New Testament professor at Luther King Center in Manchester in the UK. Dr. Tallon has a Youtube channel and back in 2020 I stumbled on one of his videos called, “Does Genesis rule out […]

Stop Saying, ‘The Lord Told Me…’

Stop saying, “the Lord told me.”   That’s my piece of advice for Christians today.  This is a subject that is sort of an issue that I find particularly annoying, and so I kind of wanted to share just a commentary on it and some of my thoughts.  Take it or leave it. You certainly don’t […]