A Christian Perspective on UFOs

Let me begin with a definition of terms. “UFO” began as an abbreviation for the words Unidentified Flying Object. Technically, anything that flies through air or space and is not identified, could be classified as an unidentified flying object. But, in our modern vernacular, the abbreviation is so closely associated with extraterrestrial, or alien life […]

Is God’s Message to America, “Brace Yourself?”

Beginning at least with his first dream back in December 2019, Dana Coverstone’s central message for the church in America has been “brace yourself.” This message has surfaced repeatedly in many of his dreams. Sometimes it has been emphasized by repetition, while other times additional warnings have been added, like “Do not stop bracing for the storm will […]

Are Dana Coverstone’s Dreams Symbolically Understood?

In a previous blog I had noted that when Dana Coverstone’s dreams had begun to get published, everyone (including him) expected to see them being literally fulfilled. However, a few months after his dreams were being published on Youtube and Facebook, Dana began to announce that he was working with some dream interpreters who were […]

Kevin Zadai Defends His Missed Prophecy

A few weeks ago I blogged & shot a video about the apparently failed Trump prophecies. One of the prophets that I had highlighted was from Kevin Zadai. In 1992  Zadai was having surgery and claimed to have had an out-of-body experience with Jesus that lasted about 45-minutes. Since then he has been focused on […]

Did Dana Coverstone’s November Dream Come True?

Another month is behind us. Another time to pause and consider whether there is good evidence to believe that God is speaking through Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams. Click here to watch my video review of November.  In previous blogs I’ve taken a look at Dana’s September and October dreams. I’ve also examined September’s dream and […]

The Trump Prophecies Examined

It was June 2020 that I first saw Dana Coverstone’s original dream video. Like many others I began to follow some of his subsequent dreams in order to determine if they would come true. While doing my research I soon became inundated with videos on Youtube. Its algorithms apparently thought I was interested in prophetic […]

Dana Coverstone – A Twist in the Plot

Like many others I have been closely following the Pastor Coverstone story. Dana Coverstone is an Assemblies of God pastor who claimed in December 2019 he had experienced a very strange and prophetic dream. He believes that he began to see the dream come true when the coronavirus began to spread rapidly in the US […]

Examining Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

On June 24, 2020, Dana Coverstone, a pastor from Brooksville, Kentucky posted a video on Facebook. In this video he described a series of dreams that he called “prophetic,” and which were a “warning” to this country. He claimed that the first of these dreams occurred in December of 2019.  In June he decided to […]