A Review of the Morakniv


With a price tag at right around $30, the Morakniv brings a lot of bargain to the backwoods table. A friend of mine had recommended this knife because of it’s price and durability.  When I learned that the knife also …

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Maybe All Religions Are Equally True?


Why should I believe that one religion is better than another?  Aren’t they all just systems of faith?  How can one person’s faith be more true than another’s? These types of questions are commonly asked very sincerely.  In most instances, …

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My Sixth Thru Hike of the LHHT


As with most plans, this one didn’t go off without a problem.  As a matter of fact, it was strewn with problems from the very beginning.  Not only did I almost not finish, but I almost didn’t begin. It was …

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Did Paul Hijack Christianity?


Did Christianity take an unexpected turn when Saul of Tarsus rose to a leadership position in the early first century?  Did Saul of Tarsus, or Paul, as he became known, hijack Christianity with his own religious influence?  Did Paul change …

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If Baptized as an Infant, Should I Be Baptized Again?


Not long ago I was asked this very good question.  The person asking had been baptized in a ceremony as an infant, but had recently come to faith as an adult.  He wanted to know if he needed to be baptized again. Although …

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Religion Just Isn’t Relevant For Me


Those who routinely read my blog will know that I often write on topics having to do with the reasonableness of faith.  In other words, I like to explain why having a belief in the existence of God is rational. …

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Are Tattoos and Body Piercings Sinful?


This question comes up frequently.  I think this is because of the rise in popularity of tattoos and body piercings.  When I was a small boy, it seemed only gangsters and servicemen had tattoos.  Today, grandmothers, choir members, and even …

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Should Women be Pastors?


This question comes up frequently, but is a little difficult to answer. Not due to a lack of Biblical data, but because I don’t believe the modern church is operating in the same way as the early church. When you’re “comparing apples …

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Top Five Guitar Solos for the Air Guitar

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog.  To break back into it, I thought I’d do something completely different from my normal posting. During my younger years I played bass guitar in a number of bands.  Although my taste …

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The Philosophy of Hiking


  I have a tendency to over-think things.  At times this has caused me a lot of grief.  When a problem comes my way, or I’m offered some type of challenge, I tend to amplify that situation by excessive thinking.  I …

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