Where Did God Come From?

If everything had a beginning, where did God come from?

This question usually gets asked in a conversation like this:

Everything that exists had to have a beginning.  There isn’t anything in this world that came out of, and from nothing!

 Ok, if that’s what you believe, then God had a beginning, right?

 God didn’t have a beginning – He always was!

 But you just said that everything had a beginning, why do you exclude God from your statement?  Where did God come from?

 Sometimes this question stumps even the thoughtful Christian.  But I don’t think that it’s that difficult to think through.  Let me try…

Imagine that you are setting up a line – a very long line – of dominoes.  Each domino is set to fall on top of the domino in front of it.  But, the reason they don’t fall is because each domino needs to be struck by a falling domino in order to fall.  So, you place another domino into place.  But that domino needs to be struck by a domino.  So, you place another one before it.  But, like all the other dominoes, it won’t fall until a domino strikes it.  You quickly realize that for the dominoes to fall you will need one domino that is unlike the other dominoes.  Namely, it must be able to fall without being struck by a preceding domino.  That domino is the “First Cause” that starts everything in motion, but is itself not pushed by a domino (because if it is pushed by a domino, then it is simply another domino, and not the first cause!).

Now let me expand on this analogy.  The universe is like a line of dominoes that is already falling.  Everything has been set in motion by some preceding motion.  Inescapably, this tells us that there had to be a First Cause to the motion of the universe that is unlike the universe itself (because an infinite line of dominoes would never begin to fall).  Whatever set the universe into motion could not be part of the universe – or it would be just another “domino,” and you haven’t traced back far enough!

Logic tells us that the First Cause of the universe had to exist apart from the universe – and that it is not part of the universe.  Logic also dictates that the First Cause of the universe had to eternally exist or the “dominoes” would never have begun falling.

So…where did God come from?  Well, logic leads us to the most reasonable conclusion: God always was.





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