Why Does the Bible Condone Smashing Babies Against Rocks?

I was asked this question recently and thought it might be a good one to write about. It focuses on the final verse of Psalm 137, and might well be one of the most difficult passages in the Bible to reconcile.  It’s a hard verse.  You won’t find it on a greeting card and grandma won’t be needlepointing […]

What If There Were No God?

Although I suspect that most people believe that there is “something” out there, I recognize that many are convinced that there is nothing beyond this world.  Generally speaking, these arenaturalists, who believe that the universe has anatural explanation, and that there is nothing outside of the material world. For the sake of argument, let me agree with […]

What To Do When You’re Lost In The Woods

It’s happened to me on more than just a few occasions.  I’ve been hiking along a well-marked trail just enjoying my time in the woods when I suddenly notice that I haven’t seen a blaze in awhile.  Dang.  I’m not on the trail.  At some point I’ve wandered off and now I’m lost.  LOST! It’s pretty […]

Stop Claiming Jesus Is Returning Soon

If you look closely you’ll notice that the Church has a black eye. She’s had it for a long time. And, just when it seems like it’s going to heal, along comes another blow that brightens the bruise. The bruise that threatens to mar the reputation of the Church is the often-cited claim that Jesus […]

Finding Time To Unplug From All Things Needing A Plug

 By Rob (Backpacking Adventures) (guest blogger) Find time to go backpacking? Time? You think I can find time? I am a husband, and the father of two daughters ages thirteen and seventeen. My career requires about thirty weeks a year on the road. Then, there are my other hobbies of golf and playing music. There is no […]

Were the Gospel Writers Biased?

How can we trust the Gospel writers? Weren’t they biased about Jesus?  Weren’t they Christians who were just trying to get everyone else to believe what they believed? This topic recently came up during my jail ministry.  I gave my best answer to the inmate who asked, and later thought it might make a good topic […]

Hiking Solo But Afraid of the Dark

I will admit it.  As much as I enjoy backpacking solo there have been a few times when I found myself wishing I wasn’t alone as the sun went down. You may know what I’m talking about: when the long, friendly shadows cast by a glowing sun suddenly morph into sinister-looking shapes that scurry behind trees or stop moving […]