Shelter Map

It has always been confusing to know which shelter to reserve.  Some shelters are more remote than others, and some are built close, making it ideal for larger groups. For quite some time I had been hoping to map out each shelter area and make that info available on this site. However, Chris Small from beat me to it!

Chris evidently used way points to mark each shelter at all the shelter areas. Then, using satellite maps, he was able to locate and show where they are situated.  He also added the location of some tent sites and privies. Chris gave me permission to publish them on my site.

In addition to the satellite photos, you can also find the Park’s official map of each area.

Satellite Photo Park Map
Bidwell Shelters Bidwell Shelter
653 Shelters RT 653 Shelter
Grindle Ridge Shelter Grindle Ridge Shelter
Rt 31 Shelters RT 31 Shelter
Turnpike Shelters Turnpike Shelter
Rt 30 Shelters RT 30 Shelter
Rt 271 Shelters RT 271 Shelter
Decker Ave Shelter (Rt 56) Decker Ave Shelter (RT 56)