The Christian Response to Radical Islam

As radical Islam continues to hold an international spotlight, my social media feed is awash with rage, hatred, fear, and threatening posts.  Understandably, people see the murderous clips or read the disheartening speeches and feel the need to do something.  How can one not react?  How can one not feel the hurt?  Terrible things are […]

The Christian Jihad

Few Arabic words are more well-known among Westerners than the word “jihad.” We hear it often and see its definition played out on the news.  Literally, it means to “struggle.”  However, it is most often used and understood in the context of “holy war” and is associated with the Islamic faith.  Although not all Muslims agree […]

How Can God Send Someone to Hell Because of Their Sexual Orientation?

That is terribly unfair of God! How can He create a person to be a certain way and then cast them into the flames of hell because they are doing exactly what He created them to do?  If this is the God of Christianity – then I don’t want to get to know that God! […]

Are the Recent Beheadings a Sign that the End is Near?

The world is watching the Middle East. The rise of ISIS from relative obscurity to front and center has captured nearly every headline.  Few extremists have gripped the world with terror like this group. Their brutality seems to know no bounds. From the torture of innocent victims to the beheadings of unarmed people to the burning alive of prisoners, ISIS […]

Is God Cruel?

Even just a few minutes of the evening news would convince anyone that the world we live in is a difficult place. Not only do we regularly hear of wars, robberies, murders, and other acts of violence, but news of natural disasters and tragic accidents are just as common. Everywhere we turn we see and experience tragedy, […]

Am I a Christian Because I Was Raised a Christian?

This criticism of Christianity can have some merit.  It is my guess that many who call themselves Christian (especially in the U.S.) grew up in Christian homes or were introduced to Christianity at a young age. They might consider themselves Christian because that’s all they’ve ever known. In fact, many who call themselves Christian do […]

Does God Still Speak to Us Today?

“The Lord wants me to tell you something.” “I’ve got a message from the Lord.” “God has laid it on my heart to do this.” Most of us have heard someone uttering a phrase like these.  Spoken by well-meaning Christians, these people are convinced that God has singled them out with a particular message.  They have “heard” His […]

Was the Thief on the Cross Saved Under the Old Covenant or New?

You may look at this question and wonder, “why would anyone even consider this important?” I agree. This is not one of those questions that I find even remotely vital to the Christian walk. However, because I’ve heard it asked a few times (most recently in a Sunday School class), and it apparently matters to some, […]

Keeping the Faith During Good Times

Very few people enjoy hardships. As a matter of fact, we do all that we can to avoid them. We purchase insurance policies so that when difficult times come, the losses we suffer won’t be as bad. We also avoid unnecessary risks because they may lead to unnecessary hard times. But, if there is a […]