Does God Speak Through Dreams?

  After a series of particularly troubling dreams, a young man recently asked me the above question.  He was wondering if God was trying to say something to him and what that message might be.  I told him that I didn’t feel qualified to answer the latter part of his question, but would be happy to […]

Assisted Suicide and the Grace of God

  On Saturday, Nov 1, 2014, Brittany Maynard ended her life at her home in Portland, OR.  She had taken her own life by an overdose of barbiturates under Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act.  Given only six months to live, after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, she chose to end her life on her […]

My Testimony – My Story

At a recent men’s Bible study we talked about our testimonies – our stories.  As an exercise, we took turns sharing our stories of how we came to faith.  I believe it is important for us to think through our testimonies and be able to readily share them.  They are powerful and oftentimes, through the sharing of our […]

Does the Immaterial World Exist?

  Although there may be some who subscribe to the view that the physical, substantive world around us is just an illusion, it is probably safe to say that most of us would agree that the material world exists.  I believe it is generally apparent that we have bodies that take up space and we are […]

Why is the God of the Old Testament So Mean?

  Someone recently asked me this question.  But, it’s not the first time I’ve heard it asked.  In fact, I’ve heard it a lot. Sometimes I even hear it from good Christian folks; people who have read the Bible and know God.  That surprises me a bit, so perhaps the answer isn’t as obvious to everyone as […]

When I Fail At Ministry

  Sometimes I fail at ministry.  I have the Scripture selected and know it intimately; I can exegete it flawlessly.  I’ve selected each song that we will sing and, with perfect precision, have tuned my guitar.  I have mapped out my time with the inmates and know what ground I hope to cover with them. […]

A Review of The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

  I was asked to write a review of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail for a great outdoors website: HikeByFaith.  If you’re familiar with me or my own web site you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of the trail.  In spite of my obvious affections for the trail, I will strive to provide an honest, straightforward […]

There’s No Need to Worry

  You have problems. Lots of them.  You have financial pressures.  You have health issues. You have problems in your relationships.  You have concerns over loved ones.  You have so much going on. You have very good reasons to worry, right? Excessive worry is a serious problem. It can lead to health issues such as […]