Side by Side Comparison of Two Water Filters

MSRI recently shot a video to compare two of my backpacking water filters.  First up was the MSR Mini Works. I’ve owned this filter for nearly twenty years. The original ceramic filter has been replaced as well as the O rings.  However, the rest of the filter is still original. The MSR Mini Works has consistently delivered safe, good-tasting water.  I’ve filtered spring water, creek water, river water, and once I had to draw water from a puddle.  The filter has never left me down.  However, at 17 oz, this filter might be a little too heavy for some people to consider.

The second filter that was reviewed was the Sawyer Mini.  This is a light-weight filter that I’veSawyer owned for about a year. It has no movable parts as the water is squeezed through the filter from the provided bladder bag.  The obvious plus to this filter is its size and weight. The filter, back-flush syringe, and platypus bag weigh only around 4 oz.  As explained in the video, however, I believe that there is some exposure to the risk of cross contamination with this filter that does not exist with the MSR Mini Works.  The user should be aware of this risk.

Both filters are great to use.  I do not recommend one filter over the other since they both fill a niche in supplying potable water on the trail.

I hope this video is helpful to you.



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