The Philosophy of Hiking

  I have a tendency to over-think things.  At times this has caused me a lot of grief.  When a problem comes my way, or I’m offered some type of challenge, I tend to amplify that situation by excessive thinking.  I can over-analyze something to death. In-depth analysis, however, has not always been burdensome.  Sometimes it […]

Applying Permetherin to My Hiking Clothes

Here in Pennsylvania, as well as many other Appalachian states, ticks are a major concern for the outdoorsman.  Ticks are tiny, parasitic arachnids that attach themselves to a host and then gorge themselves on the host’s blood.  They are especially troublesome because they can spread a number of diseases.  Lyme Disease is probably the most […]

What To Do When You’re Lost In The Woods

It’s happened to me on more than just a few occasions.  I’ve been hiking along a well-marked trail just enjoying my time in the woods when I suddenly notice that I haven’t seen a blaze in awhile.  Dang.  I’m not on the trail.  At some point I’ve wandered off and now I’m lost.  LOST! It’s pretty […]