So You’re Holding a Grudge?

Every Christian knows about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is what we come to Jesus for.  It is through forgiveness that we find freedom, peace, and ultimately, God.  We celebrate forgiveness because of what it has done for us.  Yet, there is a side of forgiveness that we sometimes don’t talk a lot about. Jesus said, “… if […]

Evolution vs Creation

Among my many interests is the ongoing debate between Evolution and Creation.  As a matter of fact, a few years ago I had the opportunity to participate in a televised discussion on this topic. I represented the Creation point of view, while the Evolution position was represented by a local biology teacher.  (Click here to […]

You Can’t Be a Christian and Do That!

We’ve probably all seen stuff like this posted on Facebook: You can’t claim to be a Christian and be pro-choice! or You can’t claim to be a Christian and vote Democrat! or You can’t claim to be a Christian and support gay marriage! Now, even though I consider myself staunchly pro-life and have strong conservative values, […]

Was Kim Davis Wrong Or Right?

Before you register an answer, take the time to read this blog to fully understand the question. An inspiring and interesting news story has been sweeping the headlines.  Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, had refused to issue marriage licenses from her county office after the Supreme Court ruled allowing same sex marriages.  She was jailed for that refusal.  However, at […]

Can A Christian Remarry?

  This is one of the most frequently-asked questions that comes my way in ministry. It is generally asked because of something Jesus said in Mark 10:11, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her.” That passage seems pretty straightforward. And, if we had no other passage dealing with the subject, then we […]

Something Is Happening

There seems to be something going on.  Something spiritual. Something good. Something very good. For the past four or five years I’ve noticed something happening locally.  I’ve shared it with my wife, friends, and my church.  It’s time now to take it to the next level and blog about it.  I want to share what […]


WARNING: This post contains graphic language. Here in the West we Christians tend to think of persecution as being mocked, laughed at, or being discriminated against.  It makes us uncomfortable, but we can easily find the support of other Christians when this happens.  If you are a follower of Jesus, however, in other parts of […]

Challenging the Rainbow

It’s hard to keep my emotions in check as I type this blog.  Generally speaking, I’m a laid-back kind of guy.  I don’t easily give in to emotional outbursts.  As a matter of fact, I pride myself on being extremely pragmatic, allowing my reasoning functions to reign over my emotions. This time it’s not so easy. […]

How Will I Fare in the Coming Persecution?

With reports of violent persecution against Christians in the Middle East flooding the airwaves each day and of increased intolerance to those of us who follow Jesus here in the West, it is easy to sense in which direction the winds of destiny are shifting.  Christians in the United States have long enjoyed unprecedented insulation […]