Top Five Guitar Solos for the Air Guitar

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog.  To break back into it, I thought I’d do something completely different from my normal posting.

During my younger years I played bass guitar in a number of bands.  Although my taste for some music styles has changed since then, there are still a few songs that still make me grab my air guitar and play along.  What follows is my own personal top five guitar solos from those songs of my youth.

5. Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar.  Played by Neil Giraldo, this lead does more with just a few notes than some guitarists will do in an entire song.  In the following video, the solo starts at around 2:59. For nearly 10 seconds he plays with one or two notes before shredding the neck.

4. Flirting With Disaster, by Molly Hatchet.  In the following, poorly-recorded video, you can see the trade-off lead guitar solos played by David Hlubek, Steve Holland, & the late Duane Roland.  The guitar solos start to warm up at around 2:54, and culminates in a three-guitar harmony. The studio version is far better.

3. Roll With the Changes, by REO Speedwagon.  Not only can I play some fine air guitar on this tune, but I can pound my car’s dash along with that sweet Hammond B3 sound.  This is an ultimate feel-good tune.  The late Gary Richrath makes guitar playing look so fun in this video.  Tune in at around 3:1o for the keyboard solo, followed at 3:50 by Richrath’s guitar.

2. Anyway You Want It, by Journey.  For a long time this was my It’s-Friday-play-something-happy-song.  Lyrically, the song had nothing to stand on.  But, when it came to energy and feeling good, it had everything.  The amazing Neil Schon’s lead starts in the following video at 2:08.  It then comes back in at around 2:38.  Still love this.

1. Wanted Dead or Alive, by Bon Jovi.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Bon Jovi. However, when this song came on I always had to stop and wait for the guitar solo.  It breaks into an otherwise smooth song like a raging bull with an attitude, and with its shrieks and squeals, leaves you amazed.  The solo starts in this vid at around 2:25.


Okay, get back to work everyone.





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