Examining Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

Pastor Dana Coverstone

On June 24, 2020, Dana Coverstone, a pastor from Brooksville, Kentucky posted a video on Facebook. In this video he described a series of dreams that he called “prophetic,” and which were a “warning” to this country. He claimed that the first of these dreams occurred in December of 2019.  In June he decided to go public with his dreams because he said the first dream had come “explicitly true.”

In his first dream, Pastor Coverstone saw a calendar being flipped and a hand underlining the months of March and June. He claimed that he saw people wearing masks, going to hospitals, people on ventilators, and cities on fire. This dream was concluded as he heard the words, “Brace yourself, brace yourself.”

On or around June 22, 2020, Pastor Coverstone said that he had another dream that was “Part II.”  He again saw a calendar being flipped to September and a hand emphasizing the month of September. The calendar was then flipped to November and a finger underline November 3. Pastor Coverstone claimed he saw a bunched up fist strike the calendar, exploding it. He said he then saw armed protestors fighting in the streets, businesses shut up, and schools closed. He said that he saw bank buildings with their roofs being taken off and money being sucked out. He also saw Washington, D.C burning, and Chinese and Russian soldiers rounding people up.

Although Pastor Coverstone claims that he is not a prophet, he adds that he knows what the voice of God sounds like. It is clear that he believes his dreams are prophetic, and he is convinced that they will be fulfilled. He ended his first video with a warning that people should stockpile groceries and ammunition, and that they should prepare alternate means of currency.

In a later video Pastor Coverstone said that he had a dream about the month of October. He said that he saw the second and third weeks being emphasized, and a finger pointing specifically to Oct 31. In the dream he saw various people groups with fuses on their heads. During the second week of Oct these fuses were lit and their head figuratively exploded at the same time. Sparks from the explosions caused various fires. He then saw protests going up “another notch.” These protestors began to assault other protestors who weren’t violent enough. They also began to attack the elderly in nursing homes and nursing facilities. He saw a $100 bill on a flag pole burning and being lowered. Some people cried and some people celebrated that the dollar had died. He also claimed to have seen puffed up pastors and prophets preaching against persecution and promising health and wealth. The clothing of these people came off and something like a rug was pulled out beneath them. As they fell they bit their tongues.

Without a doubt Pastor Coverstone’s dreams have caused a great sensation. Many people believe the dreams are prophetic and have been given by God. Skeptics have also risen to denounce the dreams, and a tension has been sensed between people from both of these camps.

There seems to be little doubt that Pastor Coverstone is having disturbing dreams. There also seems to be little doubt that he believes his dreams are inspired. However, the question remains to be answered: Is God the source of these dreams?

Deut. 18:21-22 suggest that if a prophet speaks and his words do not come to pass, then that prophet is not from God. This is the test in which God provides us so that we may know if He is speaking. So, if God is speaking through Dana Coverstone we should expect that his dreams will be fulfilled.

Pastor Coverstone’s dreams seemed to have predicted that September was going to be significant. Without a doubt, significant events occurred in September – as they do most every month. However, because we weren’t provided with details on how it was to be significant, it is difficult to determine if the dream was fulfilled. I discussed September’s dream in this video.

October is another matter. Although it contained some scenes which could be subjective – like clowns pouring oil and grease at election venues – it also contains some very objective predictions. These included:

  • a significant decline of the American dollar
  • protestors attacking other protestors because they weren’t violent enough
  • protestors entering nursing homes and attacking the elderly
  • the exposure and fall of prosperity preachers

The above out-of-ordinary details should be fairly easy to document and track. If they occur then we can know for certain that Dana’s dreams were inspired by God. If they are not fulfilled, then we will know that God is not the source of the dreams.

UPDATE: now that October is past we can examine Dana’s dreams. In this video I examined the details of the dream and its outcome. The most objective item predicted (and easiest item to track) was the plummet of the American dollar. As most readers already know, this did not occur. The other items listed above also failed to materialize. This should lead us to the conclusion that the dream was not inspired. God was NOT speaking through Dana Coverstone in the dream.

Some people, however, are still insisting that the dream was from God but that disaster was averted because so many people have been praying. One of the most significant flaws of that theory is that the dream also predicted the exposure and fall of prosperity preachers and pastors. One most wonder why God would respond to the faithful petitions of His people by protecting false teachers and not exposing them to us. Did the prayers of Christians convince God to continue to allow us to be misled by money-hungry pastors? Obviously, this is not something that God would desire. We cannot insist that the people’s prayers changed God’s mind.

It would appear that the most reasonable response to Pastor Coverstone’s dreams is that they were imaginative and interesting but not inspired by the Holy Spirit.



Dane Cramer is a backpacker, follower-of-Jesus blogger, jail chaplain, amateur filmmakerPodcast host, and author of two books: Romancing the Trail and The Nephilim: A Monster Among Us , and has worked as an investigator for over 35 years.





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