Did Dana Coverstone’s November Dream Come True?

Another month is behind us. Another time to pause and consider whether there is good evidence to believe that God is speaking through Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams. Click here to watch my video review of November

In previous blogs I’ve taken a look at Dana’s September and October dreams. I’ve also examined September’s dream and October’s dream in my videos.

These dreams have caused – and continue to cause – a lot of heated debate. Dana claims that he had his first dream back in December 2019 (just after he had completed teaching a series on dreams at his church). He believed that the COVID pandemic demonstrated that that initial dream had come true. I suspect that this is what convinced him that God was giving him the dreams. Therefore, as he continued having dreams he began sharing them via social media. These dreams have sharply divided many people. There are those who are convinced that Dana is a modern-day prophet speaking for God, and there are those who think he is far worse than a false prophet.

In this blog I want to take a look at some highlights of his dream for the month of November. Our intention shall be to determine if there is sufficient evidence to lead us to believe that the dreams are inspired by God’s Holy Spirit. Click here to watch my video evaluation. 

On August, 17 2020, Dana dreamt that he saw a calendar month of November, dirty and torn. A finger appeared and circled Nov 3. He then reported seeing cities on fire, and headlines reading,”Trump Victory Challenged,” protestors coming to life in the streets, and a person with a sign reading, “the obvious winner is not so obvious.”

Dana said he saw more disturbing images. He saw cities with pillars of smoke rising from them, and crumbled and burned out buildings in Washington, DC. He saw headlines saying “rebuilding would take time, and trust even longer.”

At this point in the dream things took a very strange turn. Dana began to describe a Conestoga wagon being driven by Kamala Harris, with Joe Biden riding one of the mules pulling it. He saw Hillary Clinton in a Wilma Flintstone dress holding a knife to Donald Trump’s throat. A struggle ensues and Trump escapes while Clinton gets caught in a bear trap.

On Aug 24, 2020,  he claimed that he had another dream in which he again saw November and a lot of darkness. He saw an emergency shelter at what appeared to be the Gulf Coast. People with suitcases were everywhere and they seemed desperate. In another scene he saw business and gas stations empty in cities. He saw headlines reading, “Shock & Awe in the US,” and another reading “UN Steps in to Help Host Nation.” He then saw the same white figure that he had seen before with a message, “Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding. Remain braced.”

I think it should be obvious to everyone that none of what Dana saw in his dream literally came true. There were no headlines announcing that Trump’s victory was being challenged. There was comparative little election-protests in the streets. We saw no pillars of smoke circling over US cities, and Washington DC was not set on fire or left in ruins. We saw no headlines assuring us that “rebuilding would take time.” None of these things occurred in November. None.

One would think that by now everyone would be disregarding Dana’s dreams as nonsense.  That’s not the case. The “Coverstone Train” is only gaining momentum. The “Brace Yourself Prophetic Dreams by Dana Coverstone” Facebook page has over 23,000 members as of the writing of this blog.  As I looked over that page I noted how one member questioned the November dream. Although many members are expressing doubts about the dream, very many more seem to be in support of Dana. They are suggesting that his dreams must be understood symbolically or in “the spirit.” Some are busy comparing his dream to theirs, as if this is going to lead them to some kind of insight.

Are Dana’s dreams to be understood symbolically? The problem with this suggestion is that we have no objective way of determining the symbolic meaning. One person may feel it may mean one thing, while another may feel it means another. We can’t go to the Bible to tell us what it means because the Bible doesn’t tell us what Conestoga wagons symbolize, or what we are to think when we see a Wilma Flintstone dress in a dream.

I don’t believe that this is how God communicates. It doesn’t seem reasonable to think that God would try to give us a message in someone’s dream with no objective way to interpret it.

Therefore because the dream didn’t come true literally, and there is no way to objectively know its symbolic meaning, we must conclude that the dream was not inspired by God.

I believe that there is a serious problem in the Body of Christ today. We are allowing ourselves to be swayed by emotionalism and sensationalism. The immature Church seems to be fulfilling the warning Paul gave Timothy that a time “will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but having itching ears they will heap to themselves teachers according with their own lusts.” (2 Tim 4:3)

So many Christians want the sensational that they will gather around any teacher who gives it to them – even if he’s wrong. Even if he is a false prophet.


Dane Cramer is a backpacker, follower-of-Jesus blogger, jail chaplain, amateur filmmakerPodcast host, and author of two books: Romancing the Trail and The Nephilim: A Monster Among Us , and has worked as an investigator for over 35 years.



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