Dana Coverstone – A Twist in the Plot

Like many others I have been closely following the Pastor Coverstone story. Dana Coverstone is an Assemblies of God pastor who claimed in December 2019 he had experienced a very strange and prophetic dream. He believes that he began to see the dream come true when the coronavirus began to spread rapidly in the US in March of 2020. He decided to go public with his dream in June of 2020 because he felt that his dreams were predicting coming disaster for the US. He wanted people to be prepared. He even went on record saying that he felt these dreams were from God and that he would be held responsible if they didn’t come true.

Coverstone’s dream for the month of September was vague and so it wasn’t easy to know for sure if it came true or not. However, his dream for October contained predictions for some things that would be easy to know if they came true or not.  For example, he dreamt that false teachers and preachers would be exposed, that protesters would begin attacking the elderly and attempt to break into nursing homes and facilities, and that protesters would turn on their own and attack other protesters who weren’t violent enough. However, the one thing that was most easy to track was his prediction that the US dollar would plummet in value in October.

When the events described above did not come true one would expect that Pastor Coverstone would have made a public apology as he had suggested. But that’s not what happened. Instead, we have a twist in the plot.

Several people who consider themselves dream interpreters have stepped forward and are offering a different perspective. These interpreters have assured Coverstone that his dreams are truly inspired by God, but that they were never intended to be fulfilled literally. Instead, they have convinced Coverstone that his dreams will be fulfilled figuratively, or metaphorically.

For example, Coverstone had a dream for November in which he said that he saw Russian and Soviet troops on US soil just after the election. Of course, this did not happen. However, the dream interpreters that he is working with insist that we are wrong to be watching for a literal fulfillment. Instead, they have insisted that this part of his dream has to do with Russian and Chinese hackers using social media to interfere with the election.

This new twist complicates things a bit. Is it possible that God is trying warn Christians in the United States through dreams that can only be understood figuratively? Although it’s possible that God might do this, one would have to wonder how we are to know for sure. Obviously, predictive dreams that come true would be a great way to get everyone’s attention. But when dreams don’t come to pass, God would have to know that many people will follow passages like Deut. 18:22 and disregard the dreamer. 

And why should we believe the new interpretations at all? The methods that they use to define the symbols in the dreams are extremely subjective. They subjectively decide on what are the symbols in the dream, pray about them, and then tell us what God has told them. 

It is very clear that if the interpreters who are trying to convince everyone that Coverstone’s dreams are to be understood figuratively, then they should be able to provide some supernatural sign from God indicating that they can be believed. However, what is already starting to develop is the opposite. In a recent video published by one of the “interpreters,” John Redenbo on his Youtube channel admits that he already he has already made a mistake about one of the meanings that he interpreted.  Instead of demonstrating that he is right, he is showing us that he is wrong. How can this be if God is revealing the information to him?

It is obvious that we have no good objective evidence to believe the interpreters who are insisting that Coverstone’s dreams should be understood figuratively. Since we also have no good evidence to believe that his dreams are being literally fulfilled, then we can only conclude that Pastor Coverstone’s dreams are not from God.




Dane Cramer is a backpacker, follower-of-Jesus blogger, jail chaplain, amateur filmmakerPodcast host, and author of two books: Romancing the Trail and The Nephilim: A Monster Among Us , and has worked as an investigator for over 35 years.



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