The Trump Prophecies Examined

The late Kim Clement prophecy
The late Kim Clement prophecy

It was June 2020 that I first saw Dana Coverstone’s original dream video. Like many others I began to follow some of his subsequent dreams in order to determine if they would come true. While doing my research I soon became inundated with videos on Youtube. Its algorithms apparently thought I was interested in prophetic dreams and so they began queuing them up.  I was intrigued, and soon I began watching many of them. Most of these “prophetic” dreams had been posted by what might be understood as Evangelical Christians. A lot of them were very general or “end-time” prophecies.  However, some of them were specifically about the 2020 Election.

I soon began to recognize a common thread among the videos: all of these “prophecies” were predicting a President Trump victory on November 03, 2020. These are what I am calling The Trump Prophecies

Now that the election is a few weeks behind us I think we can comment on these so-called prophecies. (I produced a video on Youtube wherein you can actually watch some of these alleged prophecies.)

Below is a sampling of those whom I found indicating that God had revealed to them that President Trump was going to be reelected to a second term:

  • Pat Robertson
  • Dana Coverstone
  • Mark Taylor
  • Kim Clement
  • Robin Bullock
  • Kevin Zadai
  • Tracy Cooke
  • Denise Goulet

Interestingly, here are some specific details that these claimed the Lord showed them:

  • Two assassination attempts will be made on Trump’s life during his second term (Robertson)
  • Trump will win by a landslide (Bullock)
  • Trump’s victory will be challenged everywhere (Coverstone)
  • Within two weeks of the election the victory will be won (Cooke)
  • Trump will be filled with the Holy Spirit (Clement & Goulet)

So what do we make of these prophecies?

Let’s begin with Scripture. Deut. 18:20-22 tells us that when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, and it does NOT come to pass, then we know that that prophet has not heard from God. This passage demonstrates to us that God uses reality as a way to prove or disprove His presence. In other words, God’s authority is not to be tested through subjective measures, but rather by objective means. God would not want us determining His voice because “it felt like God,” or because we feel we are familiar with his voice, or because we get chills whenever we think God speaks. Although those things may be important to us, God wants us to look to objective reality in order to determine what is true. I believe that this the way God ordered our universe to operate. Reason and reality radiate from Him as a byproduct of who He is. They belong to Him. They are His tools.

It’s easy to see that Cooke’s prophecy that Trump’s victory would be won within two weeks of the election was false. Also, it appears that Bullock’s prophecy of Trump winning by a landslide was not inspired by God. But what about the remainder?

Now, to be perfectly fair to those who have indicated that God had spoken to them about the 2020 election results, many believe that the matter is still unsettled.

As of today (Nov 27, 2020), President Trump has not conceded victory to Joe Biden, and is still holding on to the hope that the results will be overturned. I know that many people are also clinging to the same hope. However, the legal appeals that the Trump team have filed in various states have been turned down thus far.

One of the most noteworthy denials came from the PA State Supreme Court. The Court noted that in order to reverse the election results one would expect Trump to:

“…come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption.”

However, the Court ruled that they had been presented with:

” …strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative complaint and unsupported by evidence.

Examining the Court’s statement there would appear to be one of two possibilities:

  1. There was not enough evidence for the Court to overturn the results
  2. There was enough evidence for the Court to overturn the results but for whatever reason they did not act upon it.

It is only this first possibility that I would like to consider at this time.

If it is true that there was not enough evidence for the Court to overturn the election results, then we can conclude that the election was reasonably fair and Joe Biden won. If this is the case, then those who are still praying for a Trump victory are actually praying for God to steal the election. In other words in this scenario their petitions are for God to reverse a reasonably true result. I believe that this goes against the nature and character of God since it would be unjust to overturn a fair election.

Admittedly, it does not appear that the Trump Prophecies are genuine since the courts are claiming there is a lack of evidence of fraud. However, if the prophecies are from God, then we should expect a win to come to pass. If Biden takes the office in January then we will know that God was not speaking through the many prophets listed above, making them false prophets.

Time will tell if God has spoken through these people.





Dane Cramer is a backpacker, follower-of-Jesus blogger, jail chaplain, amateur filmmakerPodcast host, and author of two books: Romancing the Trail and The Nephilim: A Monster Among Us , and has worked as an investigator for over 35 years.





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